Fabians Pamphlet 68: A new vision for NSW: Ideas for the next NSW Labor Government

Fabians Pamphlet 68: A new vision for NSW: Ideas for the next NSW Labor Government

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So earlier on in 2017, the NSW Branch of the Australian Fabians invited Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park to address our AGM and set out his economic vision for NSW. His address,

which is included in this collection, forcefully argued for the state to use procurement policies to drive jobs growth in regional NSW and to use the state taxes and incentives to address the housing affordability crisis.

From this speech grew the idea of putting together a larger collection of policy ideas from the parliamentary party and beyond on some of the big issues facing New South Wales. In this document you will see contributions from the state parliamentary caucus, including Ryan Park, Penny Sharpe, John Graham, Jodi McKay, and Daniel Mookhey. Also included are some other excellent contributions from Fabians Vice President Mark Bonanno, union leader Tim Ayres, health policy researcher Elly Howse, and many others.

The topics cover a wide range of issues, from rates and rubbish to railways and ridesharing. Our hope is that this collection will stimulate further debate and discussion about policy for the next state Labor government.


Authors: John Graham, Ryan Park, Tim Ayres, Sarah Kaine and Jim Stanford, Daniel Mookhey, Elly Howse, Mark Bonanno, Liam Hogan, Penny Sharpe, Charishma Kaliyanda & Jodi McKay
Series: Australian Fabians Pamphlet No. 68, 2017 Australian Fabian Society
Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Year: 2017
Editors: Osmond Chiu & Victoria Fielding
ISBN: 978-0-9941969-6-5